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About US

who we are ?

Grains plus import export Pvt ltd  is an Indian company headquartered in Indore, with a diversified portfolio that includes Agro Commodities, Shipping & Logistics sectors.

The company was founded in 2016 and started agro commodities trading businesses.

Established by experienced professionals,
Grainsplusimportexport Limited has created a reputed place in the Indian market. We dedicate ourselves to listen to our clients to improve our services and product quality and implement their inputs from time to time. We believe that the services and products we offer are actually meant for the clients and the clients should be able to utilize our products and services with 100% satisfaction. We do this because we strongly believe this is the way forward in achieving sound and reliable business relationship with our clients.

We have an extremely talented group of domain expertise teams, their motive is to serve, highly comprehensive and timely completion of the shipments and deliveries. Our core team knowledge and strong service support provided by experienced industry professionals allows us to successfully understand and deliver the orders as per the specific requirements of our customers. Further, our competitive edge in providing highly qualitative products and services at best costs that none other can offer.

Our business vertical is lead by a team of experienced professionals and strategic alliance partners who have with them rich industry knowledge as well as decades of experience in their respective fields. Their dedication and hard working nature allows us to explore new dimensions for achieving defined organizational growth. It is due to their process efficiency that we have been able to gain a position of repute in the arena of global corporate culture.

Today, our consistent business approach and capability to handle the huge order book and deliver the same within defined time has helped us to gain prominence in our operational areas. Other than this, our quality standards and competitive price tendering are also one of the main attractions that many quality conscious clients prefer to undertake our services in comparison to others.

With PAN India presence, Grainsplusimportexport’s able management translates its vision, taking the company forward at a rapid pace as one of the fastest growing players in all of our business areas with dynamic and experienced team expanding new horizons in various segments while delivering consistent returns to all its stakeholders.

Going forward, Grainsplusimportexport Limited is building multinational businesses that seek to differentiate themselves through customer-centricity, innovation, entrepreneurship, trustworthiness and values-driven business operations.

We invite you to join us on this magnificent journey of innovation and growth. Welcome to Grainsplusimportexport Limited.

Our Mission

Adopt latest technologies in all of the business verticals. Encourage innovation, professional integrity, upgradation of knowledge and skills of employees and a safe working environment to deliver superior value to our customers.

Grainsplusimportexport’s core proposition is to co-create social and business value. By addressing the critical need for efficiency in the commodity supply chain, we ensure the growth of our business and all market participants. By simultaneously working to build the capacity of farmers, we support their inclusion in the market. We are committed to this inclusive growth path as it is the only real solution for transforming the agro commodity sector and socioeconomic development in rural India.

Through our commodity supply chain, we contribute towards food security by:

Reducing wastage through scientific and modern storage techniques.
Keeping prices in check by facilitating high returns to farmers.
Managing large quantities for the private companies that eventually go into the food production system.

Grainsplusimportexport aims to improve farmer access to markets by building modern, organized agri trade and marketing infrastructure. This means establishing physical as well as electronic trading platforms and Private Mandi’s/Agricultural Market Yard’s that are efficient, professionally managed and responsive to farmers and market needs. Our Private Mandi’s/Agricultural Market Yards are the special purpose initiatives that are going to be bridge the gap between farmer and end user along with sophisticated warehouse facilities.

Our Vision

We seek to add and share value through everything that we do. As a business we make a considerable economic impact; through employment, the payment of taxes, royalties and other contributions to local, state and national governments.

The company continues to increase its global footprint as a diversified multi business major.

We at Grainsplusimportexport Pvt. Limited serve as a commodity-specific point of purchase for our clients. Deploying our wide range Agro Commodity expertise and extensive sourcing network linkages we undertake procurement of desired specifications of Agro Commodities at the Mandi’s or Farm Gate. Grainsplusimportexport ensures cost-efficient procurement services while meeting quality criteria and specifications of our clients. Currently, many of the world’s leading food manufacturers and exporters rely on Grainsplusimportexport for sourcing high-quality Agro Commodities and more farmers are enjoying the benefits of fair price discovery and efficient post-harvest handling.