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Essential Commodities


Essential Commodities

We are committed to helping the India thrive. We create connections across the global commodity markets. We are Grainsplusimportexport; and we are one of the India’s leading marketers of essential commodities. We source coffee, cotton, jute and tea from producers in the main export areas and supply them and their value added products to our clients around the globe. This means sourcing, storing them, transporting commodity by road, rail and sea; and delivering them on time, to the quality and specifications our clients expect.

For more than two decades, the people of Grainsplusimportexport are transforming crops into commodities that serve the vital needs of a growing world. Today, we are one of the India’s largest essential commodity traders, with more than 18 states network and 250+ suppliers serving customers all over the world. With more than 90 products and global value chain we connect the producer to purchaser and enabling our customers making products for foods, feeds and industrial uses.

We operate on integrated business verticals to procure, stack, trade and distribute essential commodities. Our supply chain efficiency combined with origin and logistical flexibility enables us to deliver significant value to our clients around the globe.

Our two decades of experience in the Indian commodity market give us both insight and experience which we combine with our business network and strong relationships with suppliers to provide clients with unrivalled levels of services.As one of the India’s premium agribusiness company, Grainsplusimportexport touches the lives of thousands of people every day. Our essential commodities for foods, feeds and industrial uses connect the producer to purchaser in 18 states. To accomplish this task, we look for the best, brightest, and most innovative suppliers with which to partner. Together, we can achieve our goals to provide exceptional commodities and service to buyers around the globe.We market essential commodities to manufacturers, feed makers, importers, distributors and governments across the global markets. Our business network and ability to supply any essential commodity from different continents means we can always meet buyers’ needs.

Browntop Millet

Browntop millet, also known as Andu Korralu in Telugu filled with fiber, browntop millet is great at making you feel full. Relish the nutrition of millet with this delicious browntop millet from Grainsplusimportexport. A guilt free indulgence..! Browntop millet is not only nutritious but also very delicious. the millet is gluten free and rich in essential nutrients. It is a rich source of natural fiber, when compared to other grains. Browntop millet contains about 12.5% fiber due to which it serves as medicine for dealing with life style diseases. Lower incidence of cardiovascular diseases, duodenal ulcer and hyperglycaemia (diabetes) are reported among those who regularly consume millets.


We, Grainsplusimportexport is one of the most reputed and recognized Indian coffee exporters, having decades of experience in supplying the highest quality Indian coffee around the globe. We specialise in the export of the Indian coffee from the top coffee manufacturers in India.

Over the years, we have made excellent relationships with several coffee manufacturers in India. As a result, we are counted among one of the most approached Indian coffee exporters. The trust of people on us, encourage us to provide top quality Indian coffee at competitive rates. We are in strong association with the coffee manufacturers, and export coffees to the clients around the globe that deal in the coffee business.

Opt for reliable coffee exporters: We deal with our associated manufactures that are passionate about what they do, and that takes the quality of the coffee as their one of the major priorities. We are the one stop shop for your quest of searching the best and top coffee bean exporters in India.The payment terms we offer to our local and foreign clients are pretty simple. You simply need to follow a few easy steps to get in touch with us and make a deal for getting the coffee exported for your business. You can buy coffee beans in bulk to enjoy amazing price of these products. So, if you are looking for the bulk coffee beans exporters, then think no beyond to Grainsplusimportexport in India, as we make sure our clients get the best so that our relationship can last longer in the industry.Once you get in touch with us, you will find out why we are one of the names among the top coffee bean exporters in India. Customer service is one of our major considerations while offering our products to clients. This is the reason why we enjoy a large base of happy and satisfied clients around the globe. We would love to add you to that list as well.

A widely acclaimed coffee exporter:We have a huge client base which we have acquired with our impeccable and outstanding products. Till date, the clients are overwhelmed with our efficient work process, and zero complaints have been reported from their end related to the service. We have retained our existing customers and expanded the client base through our work ethics and service standards. We have successfully established a bond of mutual communication and trust with our clients, throughout our years in this industry. This has helped us become one of the biggest and best coffee beans exporters in domestic and global markets as well. Why delay any longer? Just avail the finest and aromatic variety coffee beans from the leading coffee exporters to world markets. You are guaranteed to have the best coffee beans experience, at a cheap and reasonable rate. If you have any doubt related to our service, business model and policies, then don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to help you! We will surely assist you in the best way we can. You can see for yourself why we are one of the leading coffee beans exporters to world markets. All your queries will be answered immediately. We are just a conversation away. Feel free to contact us anytime you want to..!


India is the second largest producer of Raw Cotton in the world, producing 40 million bales (each 170kgs) and exporting more than 10 million bales to the global markets. It is vital to India’s economy, particularly to the textile industry. Between farming, trade and textiles, it secures the livelihood for about 60 million people in India. Export of raw cotton is one of the main agri trades in India. It is the land growing different varieties of cotton in different parts of the country.

Welcome to Grainsplusimportexport..!

We are one of the India’s largest raw cotton exporters who mainly deal with domestic trade and exports of high quality raw cotton to all over the world. We are source directly from Telangana, India, area which engages in cotton ginning and pressing industries in and around. The region is also famous for the production of high quality and quantity cotton.

As an exporter we source and supply raw cotton of various varieties like Bengal Desi, Wagad, V-79722 -26.0, Jaydhar, Y-1, J-34, NHH-44/LRA-5166, H4/MECH-1, S-6/Shankar-6, Bramha, Bunny, Surabhi, MCU-5, DCH-32 and Suvin in accordance to the demand of the buyers with the help of PAN India network we procure it from the states like Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. and trade in rest of the country and also export to the global markets.

We supervise our quality right from harvesting, ginning until shipment with our most modern facilities and we attach prime importance to supervision and control of the customer satisfaction.

In the cotton business, Grainsplusimportexport has created very clear and visible image of continually expanding its domestic market share. We have expanded our capacities to the extent of 1000% over the period of a decade.

Our headquarters is strategically located in Indore, Madhya Pradesh in the middle of the country which enables us to effectively and efficiently serve our customers in global markets by using 5 major ports (i.e. Visakhapatnam, Kakinada, Krishnapatnam, Chennai and Mumbai). We have rich experience and expertise in the field of cotton business which gives us an edge over our competitors to outperform them. Hence, partnering with Grainsplusimportexport will give superb blend of quality and service along with world of mutual benefits.


Jute, also known as “Golden Fibre” is a long, soft and silky shining fibre extracted from the Corchorus. Jute is a rainfed plant thriving in humid climate and requiring minimal use of fertilizers and pesticides. The fibre extracted from the jute is used in making sacking, hessian bags, yarns and other derivatives. We, Grainsplusimportexport are one of the recognized Raw Jute traders in India, having decades of experience in supplying the high quality raw jute around the globe. We specialized in the imports and exports of the raw jute for the top jute products manufacturers in India and abroad as well.The raw jute trade is centered mainly on Bangladesh and the Indian state of West Bengal. The major producing country of jute is Bangladesh, due to its natural fertile soil. Over the years, we have made excellent relationships with several raw jute suppliers in Bangladesh. As a result, we are counted among one of the most approached Indian jute importers. The trust of Indian jute mills on us, encourage us to provide top quality raw jute at competitive prices throughout the year. We are in strong association with the jute suppliers and export raw jute to the clients across the world markets that deal in the jute business.

Some of the facts about Jute:Jute is completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Jute can blend into mother earth in just 2 to 3 years without producing any toxic fumes.Jute is the second most important vegetable fibre after cotton noted for its various uses and applications.Jute bags are strong, durable with high insulating and anti-static properties.Jute products are economically cheaper due to recyclability and long life.Increasing awareness about the environment protection has led to a surge of jute bags demand from consumers. A large number of retailers, hypermarkets, food suppliers among others now prefer to use jute bags.A large number of corporate houses have been focusing on environmentally friendly practices. One of the outcomes is to cut down on non-recyclable items and use nature friendly products like jute. This promotes CSR of the company.Recent ban on the use of plastic bags in some cities has put jute bags as a perfect substitute.

We are counted in the list of trusted importers of raw jute in India. We believe in serving our domestic clients with best of our competency. With our ready available raw jute stocks at our domestic and foreign suppliers, we are capable of handling bulk quantity requirements of the domestic jute mills and jute derivatives manufacturers while we are very particular in delivering the consignments in stipulated time frame.


India is the world’s highest consumer of tea and the second highest producer as well including the world’s most popular varieties like Assam, Darjeeling and Nilgiri teas. Despite the consumption, India is the 2nd biggest exporter of tea after China. The Indian tea industry has grown to own many global tea brands, and has evolved to one of the most technologically equipped tea industries in the world.


The production of tea requires great care and craftsmanship. the freshly plucked leaves are carefully processed every stage of the process. This is workmanship intensive, time consuming and, as a result, expensive, but this is the only way that all the delicacy of the flavor and the typical character of the tea plant can be passed on to the finished tea. It is widely grown in the Brahmaputra Valley, Himalayas in Darjeeling, in the foothills of Assam and Dooars and on the Nilgiri Mountains, where all these Indian varieties of teas are available throughout the year.

We at Grainsplusimportexport are one of the Govt. of India recognised premium exporters of bulk Tea. We engaged in domestic and international trade of bulk Tea and allied commodities. With our decades of experience in sourcing and supply of tea in India and the bulk trading of various tea varieties from all over the globe, we have vast knowledge about tea that enables us to customize tea blends to perfection as required by the client. We have the expertise to provide end-to-end solutions to our clients. Right from procurement of tea from all origins, tastes, customized blends, providing specialty teas and aroma teas to third party labeling we meets the requirements of some of the global leading tea traders in their respective countries. Lakhs of cups of our teas are consumed daily by satisfied consumers globally.

Product range:

Assam tea

Darjeeling tea

Flavored tea

Green tea

Herbal tea

Jasmine tea

Masala tea

Nilgiri tea

Raw tea

There are three types of teas produced across the world — the Dip Tea, the Orthodox Tea and the CTC Tea. Dip tea refers to tea dust for dip tea available in tea sachets. Orthodox tea refers to loose-leaf tea. CTC (Crush, Tear, and Curl or Cut, Tear and Curl) is a method of processing black tea in which the leaves that crush, tear, and curl the tea into small, hard pellets.

With pardonable proud we boast of the highest quality and strict safety standards in every stage of our tea products before delivery. The quality of the tea and hygiene plays an intrinsic part in the entire sourcing and supply process.

At Grainsplusimportexport we undertake Private Label Manufacturing for all varieties of our teas for leading private brands, supermarkets and various Govt. and private institutions. Usually private labels are brands owned by large retailers or FMCG companies that can be sold at lower prices without harming profit margins because they do not entail large marketing and advertising costs.

We offer a wide range of wholesale opportunities in tea business and are open to partnership with progressive and large MNC’s. Due to our strategic alliances with large scale manufacturing facilities in India we able to drive down the cost of production through economies of scale and pass on the benefit to the marketer of those brands. Our dedicated team can help in formulation of new tea products as per client specifications or develop its own formulations to suit client requirements. As one of the premium companies of bulk tea in India, it is always our endeavor to put Indian tea varieties on world map and we always aspire to make our tea accessible to consumers across the world.



In simple words, sugar is a sweet substance extracted from certain plants. Sugar is basically made from monosaccharides i.e. glucose and fructose.

All sugar is made by extracting sugar juice from sugar cane or sugar beet and from there different types of sugar can be produced. Through alterations in the process of cleaning, crystallisation and changing the levels of molasses, different types of sugar can be produced.

White Granulated Sugar:
This is what you typically find in your sugar bowl.
The gran in the word granulated comes from the Latin granum, which means “grain” or “seed.” This word is good for describing things like sugar or salt that feel gritty.
Granulated sugar has this coarse feeling because it has had all of the naturally present molasses refined out of it.
It’s the most common sugar called for in recipes when cooking and baking.
“Regular” sugar granules are fine because small crystals are ideal for bulk handling and not susceptible to caking.

Powder Sugar:
Powdered sugar is simply granulated sugar ground to a smooth powder and then sifted.
It is also called as confectioner’s sugar or powdered sugar.
Commercially available powdered sugar is mixed with a small amount of cornstarch (3%) to prevent caking.
It is often used in icings, confections and whipping cream.
You can make it at home: blend 1 cup of white sugar and 1 tablespoon of cornstarch to get 1 cup of powdered sugar.

Fruit Sugar:
Fruit sugar is smaller and more uniform in crystal size than regular sugar.
It is used in dry mixes, such as gelatin and pudding desserts or powdered drinks.
The uniformity of crystal size prevents settling of the sugar crystals to the bottom of the box, an important quality in dry mixes.

Baker’s Special Sugar:
The crystal size of baker’s special sugar is finer than that of fruit sugar.
It dissolves easily and can be easily incorporated into recipes.
As its name suggests, it was developed especially for the baking industry.
This sugar is used for sugaring donuts and cookies, and it’s used in some cake recipes to create a fine crumb texture.

Superfine Sugar:
Also known as caster or bar sugar, this sugar has the smallest crystal size of white granulated sugars.
It is generally used in making delicate or smooth desserts, such as mousse or puddings.
Because the crystals are so fine, they dissolve easily, even in cold drinks.

Coarse Sugar:
Coarse sugar has a larger crystal size than regular sugar.
It results from the crystallization of molasses-rich sugar syrups that are high in sucrose.
The large crystal size makes it highly resistant to colour change or inversion (natural breakdown to fructose and glucose) at cooking and baking temperatures, important characteristics for use in making fondants, confections and liquors.

Sanding Sugar:
Sanding sugar can have large or fine crystals—both types reflect light and give the product a sparkling appearance.
It is used mainly in baking and confectionery as a sprinkle on top of baked goods (often in fun colours!).

Light And Dark Brown Sugars: Brown sugars are made by mixing white sugar with various amounts of molasses. Light brown sugar has a milder flavour as compared to dark brown sugar. Light brown sugar is often used in sauces and most baked goods